Houston Residential and Commercial Lawn Care and Landscape Services

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Residential & Commercial Lawn Care & Landscape Services

Lawn Care & Services

Your lawn will look neat and healthy all year long.

Fall and Spring Cleanup.

Keep your plants healthy and your place looking nice with a thorough cleaning and pruning.

Landscape Design and Installation

The dream landscape you have always wanted can become a reality.

Plants, Flowers, Soils and Mulches

There should be something blooming in your residential or commercial landscape year round.

Tree, Shrub & Turf

From tree removal or tree trimming, shaping shrubbery to complete turf grass installation, you are covered.


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Landscape Lighting

Residential and commercial accent lighting adds so much to the look of a landscape at night.

Christmas Lights

Deck the halls while we string the lights for you outside.

Gutter Cleaning

Time to check those long neglected gutters. Clean them out before water damage results.

Lawn Mowing

A beautiful landscape design is not complete without a lush, healthy, well maintained lawn. To achieve a great looking landscape, special attention must be given to your lawn. Even during the winter months, debris must be removed and fertilizer must be applied at the proper time. Our residential and commercial lawn maintenance packages result in a beautiful yard while freeing you to do the things you like best.


The single most important aspect of any successful landscape/garden design is proper drainage. Even thought many builders try to correct faulty drainage, many times it is inadequate. This leads to standing water, muddy conditions and eventually dead plants. We highly recommend solving all drainage problems that may exist before starting a landscape project.

Retaining Walls & Hardscapes

If you need a retaining wall or want to create a beautiful patio then you will appreciate our many years of experience in working with stones, pilings, crushed granite and other materials. We have created very nice looking residential and commercial retaining walls, stone paths, and patios.

Tree & Shrubbery Trimming

It is time to trim your trees and schrubbery before new growth starts in the spring. Another benefit to trimming your trees is reduced hurricane damage.

Seasonal Flowers, Plants & Soils

With Summer slowly coming to an end, it is time to start thinking about the Fall and Winter flower garden. Let us help you prepare the beds and plant an assortment of beautiful bedding plants. Flowers and Plants with their seemingly infinite variety of color and texture will brighten any landscape. Then a thick layer of mulch will help the blooming flowers provide an exciting touch of color well into the Spring.

Landscaping & Gardens

Landscaping can create a special place for you to relax and unwind, especially after a hard day. Imagine a peaceful garden and all the features you like best about it, and then call us to make your dream come true!